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A Nintendo collectable figures that can be use to store data via NFC reader on certain Nintendo devices.
For more information: Official Amiibo Site
  • The web framwork was build wtih flask with python
  • The database was stored using JSON
  • We are hosted on namecheap
  • The source code are available at GitHub
You are welcome to contribute into the API
  • Fork the project over at the GitHub
  • Create a new branch for your contribution
  • Work your magic on the new branch
  • Commit and push your code up to GitHub
  • Open a pull request and describte what changes you have made
  • We will then review and accept your request if it is verified
  • Do write up some test to prove that it work. We will not accept it does not pass the test if new features are added.
Feel free to submit an issue over at our GitHub.
Feel free to submit an idea in the issues section over at our GitHub.
An amiibo database was created using google spreadsheet on 14th November 2016. N3evin and cheatfreak47 decided to develop this API to provide a centralize database that could be used by variety of systems which are always up to date.