A RESTful API for Amiibo

For education purposes only!

An Amiibo database that holds all amiibo information in a single API.

Google spreadsheet: view here

Give it a whirl!
Need a hint? try amiibo/?name=mario or gameseries or amiibo/?character=zelda&showusage

Output Values


What is this?

This is RESTful API that contains the Amiibo Database that was created on the excel spreadsheet.

It will be regulary updated as new amiibo is release.

Where do I start?

We have awesome documentation on how to use this API. It takes minutes to get started.

This API will always be publicly available and will never require any extensive setup process to consume.

Keep AmiiboAPI Running

AmiiboAPI costs around $50 a month to run. We want to keep this free and scalable for as long as possible!

If you use AmiiboAPI for teaching or for building apps, consider donating today!